Brian Griffin (born: June, 27 2002 - died: November, 24 2013 - resurrected: December, 2013) is the Griffins' pet dog. He is a white Labrador and one of the tertiary protagonists of the show.


Brian has an addiction with alcoholic beverages, he tries to warn Stewie not to do ridiculous stuff.


Brian is a white Labrador with a black nose, wearing a red collar with with a golden name tag.


Brian Griffin died from injuries after being hit by a car and was resurrected a 1 month later.


Stewie has gone back in time, and noticed the car, he pushed Brian out of the way and sent the return pad back where it belongs in the past, Stewie begins to fade away, causing the timeline where Brian meets his death to cease to exist, Stewie wishes Brian a merry christmas and disappears.